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Add id="scmobPinIt" to image to be pinned (alt or title are used as description - which ever is longest)


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Download images and css
Extract to folder /scmob/ in the root of your server.

This tool is no longer maintained. This page is left here for those who used it previously and want to regenerate their code.


There are a lot (and I mean a lot) of different buttons around that allow you to share or follow your website on various social media as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. My friend Patrick Mackaaij pointed out to me that no button he could find combined both the Share and Follow actions into one, most websites have two rows of Social Media buttons and there is no telling what they do until you hover your mouse over them. Here is our solution; a single social media button that does both!


For each social network add your profile page, if there is no profile page there won't be a link generated. You can re-order the buttons using drag and drop in the Instant preview.

When you're happy with your buttons:

  • download the zip file that includes the CSS code and images,
  • extract the folder scmob into the root of your server,
  • copy and paste the code into your pages,
  • and you're ready to go.

If you would like to recreate or alter the buttons at a later date, click the 'Make bookmarkable' button and then bookmark the page for later use.

Beta Version

The Social Media in One Button or SCMOB for short (not to be confused with SCMODS) is still in beta. If you are experiencing any errors or missing a social network please let me know.

To add a social network button I will need:

  • a (link to) a vector based image of their logo,
  • know what URL the link should point to,
  • and the terminology they use (Share, Like, Tweet, Blink, Tip, Chicken, ...)

E.g. see LinkedIn logo and LinkedIn share.

Credits and copyright

Creative Commons LicentieSocial Media in One Button by Marijn Kampf and Patrick Mackaaij is licenced under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0).